2019 It's a Wrap


The 2019 Season of Decatur Baseball is over, but not without our share of challenges this season.  With rain, rain, more rain, and the construction at the Hanna Nuttman Ball Park, we were struggling to find fields we could play on.  We did the absolute best we could to still provide a season for the kids.  Thank you to all who volunteered, sponsored, or played for Decatur Baseball in 2019.  Without everyone's involvement, this would not be possible.  We look forward to another great year in 2020. 

2019 Koufax Tryouts


Koufax Tryouts will be held Thursday April 4, 2019 @ 5:45pm.  The location for these tryouts will be at Worthman Field.  

2019 Rosters


Rosters for Major League, Minor League, and Coach Pitch have been released and are available on the website.  We should be getting information for T-Ball in the next couple weeks, and information on Koufax tryouts should be available soon also.  At this point, if your roster has been released, you should expect to hear from a coach soon.

2019 Bat Regulations


Please be aware that the regulations on bats for the 2020 season are going to be changing.  As for Major, Minor, and Coach Pitch Leagues, only bats up to 2 5/8" barrel diameter, with a USA stamp will be allowed.  In 2019, we are still going to allow BBCOR bats that are no more than 2 1/4" barrel diameter, and also USA stamped bats up to 2 5/8".  We are working on defining bat regulations for Koufax and T-Ball.  Please look for that information or contact someone directly.

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